Free Tools for you!

Helpful tools – my Gift for you (links are not yet active, translation is in progress)

There are so many possibilities to manage our life easier and more pleasant. According my personal philosophy to help people to get a better and much more easier life, here are some of my favourite selfhelping tools. If you want to participate in coming tools, subscribe my Newsletter.

Legal notice: any use is at your own risk! I exclude any liability for any consequences.

Please click on the corresponding title (in Englisch not yet available).

Important NOTE:

To save an audio file on your PC, you simply have to click on the symbol with the RIGHT mouse button (not with the left mouse button as usual for listening) and then select a desired location to save it („… save file as …“ ) on your PC or a connected Audio player. Then you can access it at any time without internet connection. Some of the instructions can also be found on my YouTube channel (not yet in english).

Audio meditation for Alpha stage (MP3 file)

Deep relaxation. Just listen or read it.

Audio meditation for self healing with Two-Point Healing Method (MP3 file)

Listen and apply instantly.

Body and mind adaption.

Listen and try. You will be surprised with following results.

Synchronisation of your body (MP3-file)

Audio file for synchronisation of body and mind. Listen and feel.


Very powerful tool to find and remove blockades from your past (just for former course participants).


Great tool to remove and transform deeply rooted problems and pain (e.g. jealousy, financial problems or disappointing) …

Heartactivation (MP3-file)

Reconnect to the field for transformation and healing.